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Web Link Communications Security Inspector .NET 6

Safely inspect and analyze suspicious web links from email or other messages before opening them in your web browser. This application inspects communications used in URIs without compromising your endpoint security and privacy. Just read and accept the built-in EULA to use the application's fully enabled features. A User's Guide is bundled along with the Application in the .zip file.

Executable application • v1.3.2.0 Revision date: 2022-05-17

SHA-256: 2186f8898e92517f1838a3d1bc10c81a96be35d2bc052ee5023be26d3423df19

The application may be used at no cost after reading and accepting the built-in EULA. Web Link Communications Security Inspector safely provides useful analytical information on web link communications whether you use it in a professional setting or personally from your own computer. In addition to analyzing suspicious web links from your email or other messaging system, you can also use this application to diagnose or validate communications with your company webservers or with your personal webserver before setting them up live on the Internet. This application may also be useful in security awareness training scenarios, to illustrate how the security of protocols used often varies from link-to-link or when client or server configurations place constraints on TLS negotiation.


Recently Created or Modified Executables Search .NET 6

Inspect executable modules created or modified on your computer during a recent time window (cybersecurity incident time) you select. Returns each module's metadata along with the file's SHA-256 value. Helps discover file artifacts from malware incidents.

Executable application • v2.0.0.0 Revision date: 2022-04-23

SHA-256: 96dae1c39c21384830839f93b73c3c9b838b32fed1daa507a2c7d3ce808ff5a9

Basic mode features may be used after reading and accepting the built-in EULA. Each client license is perpetual for releases of the same major verion of the Application. Professional mode features are enabled following the purchase of an Activation Code. The Activation Code purchase procedure to upgrade to Professional mode is built into the Application. Intended target audience: Cybersecurity, Network, Systems Analysts, and similar technical users.

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